The chassis was supplied by a company in Doncaster, I will not name them as I do not have anything good to say.  They no longer trade under the name that they did when I purchased the chassis and I am sure that they are probably now different people anyway.

I actually ordered a Lightweight chassis but with Coil suspension mounts rather than the leaf spring hangers.  I also requested that side steps in the form of Tubes welded to the chassis rails were fitted.  This would be supplied fully galvanised.

What I actually received turned out to be what I can only describe as a "Prototype" I say this because I can not imagine that anyone else had been supplied with the same, as if they had they would have surely pointed out all of the problems that I found.

Essentially the following problems were found:

The chassis appears to be a standard 88" copy with a lightweight cross member on the rear. 

I say this, as in addition to the rear cross member a Lightweight chassis is subtly different in a few places from a standard 88".  Namely the Front bulkhead outriggers are shorter on a lightweight, this is necessary due to the narrower body line. The front bumper mounts are different from a standard chassis and the rear body mounting points are different.  None of these were correct on the chassis supplied.

The side steps were positioned incorrectly so that the front bulkhead actually fouled them.  Therefore I had two options modify the front bulkhead and mounts or remove the steps.  The steps had to go.

Here you can see the remains of what were the side steps.  I took a hacksaw to them, but I decided to leave a reasonable amount of material remaining so that if I wanted to put steps on at a later date I could use the stumps to mount them.


Because of the Outriggers being too long I also had two options here: Cut the outriggers down or modify the sill panels to allow the outriggers to poke through.  I chose to do the latter as it was the easiest.  I also did not want to have to modify the chassis itself as it was already galvanised.

Here you can see one of the outriggers poking through the rectangular cut-out in the sill panel. I have covered the ends of the outriggers with some black plastic covering to try and minimise the visual impact of the hole in the sill. It seems to work as most people do not notice it until I point it out.