Cubby Box

The cubby box is multi functional. It provides somewhere to store bits and pieces, it is an arm rest and it houses the speakers for the stereo system.

Once I had measured up and decided finally on the shape I made the box up from 8mm thick plywood and 20mmx20mm pine.  This made for a very strong assembly.  I then realised that the shape that I had made it would be virtually impossible to cover neatly.  So I redesigned it to be much simpler with straight sides all the way up rather than a tapered design.

Unfortunately I did this before looking at what size the speakers available are.  Wouldn't you just know it.  The size I had made the box was about 1/2" too short in one direction.  So I ended up making it again for a 3rd time!

Unfortunately I did not have my digital camera to hand when I made it so I do not have any pictures of it in progress, but here are some of the almost finished article.

on the right hand picture you can see the space in the top for a few cd's etc.  You can also see that I still have the vinyl top to complete.

You can also see the 6x9 speakers in place, one on each side.