The exhaust system is a custom fabrication.  It is all made from Stainless steel.  The manifolds are standard units that are used in kit car installations.  They are effectively a very tight 4 into 1.

The exhaust from then on remains as two separate pipes all the way through.  However the two pipes do go through a single large box in the centre of the vehicle, that acts as a balance pipe.

Then there are individual small exhaust silencers at the ends of each pipe.

It makes a nice sound, with the single centre box and two small makes a nice deep note.  But is not too loud, it sounds somewhat similar to a TVR.

Here you can see the two pipes that come from the manifolds that go into the single silencer.



And the two pipes out of the back of the silencer before running up and over the rear axle.



Here you can see the small silencers on each pipe to finish it off.



The fairly subtle view from the rear.