The gearbox and transfer box were both sourced from Causeway 4x4 Centre and were both brand new still in crates.  The main gearbox is an R380 that was destined for a V8 Defender, the transfer box is an LT230 for a Discovery II.

The only things I had to do to them (other that bolt them together) are listed below:

Front Prop shaft output flange

This had to be  modified as on a Discovery II the flange diameter is larger than the older vehicles.  This simply meant removing the flange from the output shaft and replacing it with the correct size one complete with new oil seal.  Straight forward enough job.

Transmission brake operating lever Mounting

An additional hole was needed to be drilled and tapped in the rear of the transfer box to mount the bracket.  For some reason it is not used on the disco II and is just a blank.

Diff lock Enabled

Even though it is not used on the Disco II, the diff lock is still there and can be used if you remove the blanking plate that Land Rover place over the hole that the operating lever would normally go to.  It was simply a matter of fitting the high/low and diff lock gear change arrangement.

This photo shows the gearbox and transfer box bolted together, with the gear change levers in place and the front prop shaft flange replaced to fit the standard Range rover Prop.


Here you can see the gearbox being lifted in position.  I hired a crane for the weekend to get the engine and gearbox in.


The bellhousing is quite a bit longer on the V8 R380 compared to the old LT77 that was originally from a diesel. Here you can see it in place waiting for the engine.


Out of interest you can see the difference in the LT77 with adaptor kit on  the left and the R380 on the right.