Hinges and Fittings

All of the hinges and fittings are either Stainless steel, Aluminium or Chrome plated steel. I am gradually removing all of the chrome plated items and replacing them with stainless as I am fed up with the chrome plate only lasting for approx 18 months.

Starting from the front and working back.

Bonnet catches

The bonnet catches are a stainless steel version of the catch used on a Jeep YJ.  They look like they are meant to be there and they hold the bonnet down a treat.  Which is needed now as the radiator now sits where the old bonnet latch used to go.


Here you can see one of the catches open.  Note that I stuck some rubber matting under each of them to protect the wings.  They are quite a weight as they are solid stainless steel.


Bonnet Hinges

These are remakes of the original, but again in stainless steel. Probably the bits that suffered most from the rust problem, due to the fact that they get standing water on them.



Door Hinges

I now have stainless steel door hinges, these were hand made by Adrian at Safire Associates.  They are essentially a carbon copy of the originals but in stainless. 

Here you can see all the hinges prior to fitting.  I laid them all out, but they are not the easiest things to photograph as they are so shiny.

Below you can see the hinges in place, they now match the bonnet hinges and louvers.  All are now stainless so I no longer have to worry about them rusting.




Fuel filler Cap

The fuel filler cap is a locking flush fit Aircraft style, Aluminium version.  There are many of these available.  I had to put some form of external filler on the motor as the original under the drivers seat is now totally unusable.  There is no way of getting to it there (the seat box is now one piece with no openings).  The only downside to having it where it is, is that the filler pipe into the tank has to take quite a sharp turn.  This means that filling up can be a bit tedious as you can not get the fuel flowing at high speed without the safety catches triggering on the pumps.  So it is more a case of slowly but surely.


Rear end Badges

I decided to change the rear end badges recently.  As there is now a Land Rover badge available in Black and silver and a Supercharged Badge, both courtesy of the New Range Rover Sport.  I had noticed that certain people were selling both of these items on Ebay for ridiculous amounts.  I saw that the Supercharged Badge was selling for 16 and still had 3 days to go. 

Anyway I decided to go and See Stuart down at my local friendly main dealer and he got me one of each.  The Land Rover Oval was 2.00 and the Supercharged Badge was a whopping 4.00, but that was excluding VAT.  All in it came to 7.20.

For anyone interested the part Numbers are:    

DAM500350MCJ - Supercharged
DAH500270 - Black/Silver Oval


Here you can see the way the rear end looks with the new badges in place.