This section covers everything inside except for the dashboard that has its own section.  It is a pretty basic interior mostly due to the lack of space, but I have tried to make it a bit more refined than the average lightweight.


I used to have some basic bucket seats in the lightweight, they where very old and very tatty.  I think they actually came with the motor when I bought it some 14/15 years ago.  They where of the steel frame type construction.  they needed to be either replaced or covered due to the material being torn in several places.  In the end I decided to replace them as their shape made it quite awkward to get in and out.  Because you would have to climb up and over the outer edge of the seat before being able to sit down. 

I think that in the 14 years that I have owned the lightweight I must have gained a few inches around the midriff as I cant ever remember have problems getting in or out.  Maybe I am just getting old.

Anyway I went with some MOMO RS GT seats that look quite good give good lateral support and they where cheap (Under half the price of some that I was looking at).  They are black cloth material.

This photo shows the shape of the seats.  You can see the way that the base is quite low, so no need to climb up and over.  Also you can see here that the seat back is quite upright.  They are very slightly less of an angle than the rear bulkhead.  I specifically wanted base mounted seats as unlike a standard Land Rover seat box that is sloped backwards, I fabricated the seat box out of one piece of aluminium and it sits horizontal.




The carpet used is proper automotive carpet that I bought about 10 years ago at a kit car show.  I even still had the can of spray on adhesive that was sold to me at the same time.  It is very easy to work with as it tends to have quite a short pile that comes out vertically and it has a fibrous back.  What this means is that when you cut it you get a very nice clean line and the pile remains right up to the edge.

The carpet on the rear bulkhead and the seat box are fixed down permanently with the spray on adhesive, but the remainder of the carpet sections are all fixed using heavy duty industrial Velcro.  What this means is that the interior panels still retain their mechano type characteristics even though they are carpeted.  I can get all the carpet out in a matter of minutes.  This came in very handy recently when having to change the clutch.





Willans 4 point harnesses are used.  These where used historically as the bucket seats had the 4 harness slots in them.  But they also go well with the MOMO's as there are slots in the rear of the seats.  The lap belt sections simply lay on the seat box.

The harnesses are mounted to the Rollcage at the rear and to the seat box at either side, using shackle type mounts.

Steering wheel and gear knob

The Steering wheel and Gear knob are both Momo Race Leather/Aluminium.  The gear knob simply replaced the standard Land rover item.  The steering wheel is a slightly different matter.  I needed to find a suitable Boss as Momo don't actually make one any more for series Land Rovers.  After some research and help from some friendly chaps down at the local Motor World in Totton I found that Simoni Racing produce a Hub that is suitable.

The Simoni Racing hub part no. 524-806 has the correct mounting holes for the Momo wheel and has the correct spline fixings for the top of the steering column.

Simoni actually make 3 different Land Rover hubs that they list as being for 90/Defender. All 3 are slightly different in design and shape. Two of them are a fabricated design using a cast boss section with a steel pressing fixed to provide the collapsible section.  The other is a complete Aluminium casting, its the latter that is the one used.

Here you can see the Steering wheel fitted.  It is actually black, but due to the flash it seems to be grey here.



Floor mats

I have made some floor mats for the front out of some rubberised cork type material, sourced down one of the local boatyards.  What I like about it is it looks a bit different and it is a light shade of grey that goes well with the carpet


Cubby Box

Detailed in its own section under Build.