I decided that as I was rebuilding the Lightweight essentially from scratch that I would wire it as I wanted rather than use the original loom.  I decided to draw a diagram of what I wanted and then put it together.  I have an background in electrical engineering so decided to wire the Lightweight as I would a piece of industrial equipment.  Therefore the entire vehicle is wired in red and black only. 

General automotive standard is to use various colours with traces.  As I was only using Red and Black I decided to number ident all wires using the automotive standard.

To make sure that everything will last and that I had ample capacity all wiring is approximately twice the current rating of the actual circuit loads.

The fuse box I used is out of a Ford Granada. it has plenty of fuses plus relays.

I will post the diagram on this page when I scan it in.  Unfortunately it is on a single A2 size piece of paper so I will have to stitch it back together after scanning.

The wiring diagram I originally drew up is here:

If you click on the thumbnail you can see the entire diagram, be warned this is a 1.5 MB photo. so if you are on a slow dial-up connection this will take some time.

The only changes made since wiring it up to this is that I no longer have the original Ford instrument panel that had all of the lights and gauges integral to the unit.  All of these are now wired up independently to each of the lights/Gauges but still retain the original idents etc.


The Key for the wiring diagram is below:

Wiring Diagram Key

1       Ignition Coil (Now using 12 Volt coil, Diagram shows easy start 6 Volt coil with Ballast resistor)
2       Ballast Resistor (Now removed)
3       Fuel Sender Unit
4       Coolant Temp Sender Unit
5       Oil Pressure Sender Unit
6       Distributor
7       Starter Motor
8       Alternator
9       Battery
10     Instrument Display
11     Ignition Switch
12     Fuse Box
14     Headlight Unit
15     Indicator/Sidelight
16     Indicator Repeater N/A
17     Multi Function Switch
18     Lighting/Wiper Switch
19     Rear Light Cluster
20     Number Plate Light
21     Engine Compartment Light N/A
22     Interior Light - N/A
23     Interior Light Switch N/A
24     Horn
25     Flasher Relay
26     Brake Light Switch
27     Hazard Flasher Switch
28     Rear Fog Light Switch N/A
29     Rear Fog Light N/A
30     Windscreen Washer Pump
31     Heater Blower Motor N/A
32     Wiper Motor
33     Heater Blower Switch N/A
34     Front Spot Lights
37     Electric Fan
38     Electric Fan Temperature Switch
40     Electrical Cut-out Switch
41     Intermittent Wiper Relay
42     Radio N/A