Plumbing (oil)

The oil supply for the engine is shared with the supercharger, essentially the oil circuit is the same as a standard Range Rover with the exception of a "T" Piece to send the oil through an additional oil cooler and then through the supercharger before returning Back to the engine sump.

All of the hoses are custom made stainless braided flexible with swaged ends.

This picture shows the pluming in the early stages the two main hoses from the engine oil pump to the Radiator oil cooler and then back again are in place.  You can also see here that the "T" Piece and the additional oil cooler for the supercharger are in place ready to measure up for the hose required.  This hose also needs an oil filter in line.

Here you can see the final oil hose layout including the oil filter in line.  Its not the prettiest installation due to all of the adaptors required to fit all of the different bits together.  The Radiator oil cooler is BSP, the oil cooler is JIC and the oil filter JIC.  Note the big difference in size of the fittings to the supercharger compared to the main oil hoses.  The supercharger oil feed is only very small, it actually has a restrictor in the way of a 1.5mm DIA hole to allow the correct flow.  Its surprising how much oil flows through this small hole.  I tested it out by placing the oil return hose into a jar and then running the system for a short time.  Just to make sure that the oil was actually circulating.

In Early August 2003 I put an up-rated larger oil cooler in the circuit.  Still a 13 row but twice as wide.  It just about fits in the space next to the fan as you can see here.