Road Speed Sensor

This is an inductive pickup looking at the bolts on the front prop shaft flange.  It serves two purposes, firstly it provides an input to the ECU to know whether the vehicle is moving or not and secondly it is providing the necessary input to the speedometer to show the actual vehicle speed.

The sensor itself is mounted from a small aluminium angle section bracket mounted from the side of the Transfer box.

Here you can see the aluminium bracket from both sides with the sensor mounted.  The position of the sensor in relation to the bolts that it is sensing is critical.  Therefore the bracket itself has nice slots rather than holes to align it, and the sensor is positioned for proximity by use of washers as spacers.


The sensor requires a diode in circuit between the output and ground by using an LED it also aids setting it up, as the LED comes on when the sensor works thus you can use this to make sure that the spacing is correct.

Mark Adams (Pharmhouse Marketing) is able to supply the sensor and associated parts required.