Rear Deck Chequer Plate

The rear deck is covered in 2mm thick 5 Bar Aluminium Tread plate.  There are 3 individual pieces one large rectangular piece on the base and two L shaped pieces that cover the wheel arch sections.

They are fixed in place with Stainless steel 3/16" (5mm) Pop Rivets.  To help prevent chatter I covered the rear with some silicone sealer before fixing the plate.  The biggest pain was having to cut the holes out for the role cage.  Unfortunately they do not seem to be very evenly placed so it was a matter of measuring them individually and then cutting them.  I cut the holes oversize to ensure that they were clear.  I first drilled them 10mm, then used a Q-Max cutter to enlarge them to 25mm.

The rear bulkhead section is still to be covered, I decided that it would be better to cover the rear deck first, then measure the bulkhead section to ensure that it fitted correctly.

The rear deck can be seen here:

The Rear bulkhead section is now under construction, it is actually made from 4mm thick Aluminium tread plate, it is possibly a little too thick, but it was all that was at hand when I wanted to sort it.  I decided that as the current rear bulkhead is not a simple flat panel that I would place the tread plate away from the existing bulkhead to provide a space between the two.  Then by having and access panel in the tread plate, I could have a useful storage area.  There is absolutely no storage space as it is currently, well not enclosed anyway.

It is proving to be a little more tricky to fit than the base sections, mostly due to nothing being straight.  I took some initial measurements with Adrian and we cut the whole thing and the access panel out of the centre with his new Plasma cutter.

I then had to chop various extra bits off by hand using a jigsaw and and angle grinder to make it actually go in.  There are a few gaps here and there but I am hoping that once it is all bolted down it will not look too bad.  I may put a sealing strip in place if its not as good as I would like.  The only problem with this is that the Treads are quite high which makes for a very uneven surface to seal against.

These shots are pretty poor quality as they where taken with my phone but you get the idea.  You can see the cut-out for the access panel.  This will be hinged at the bottom with a Cam lock at the top to make it secure.  Its not very clear but the bottom of the bulkhead compartment is actually going to be about 10" deep, so it will provide quite a good space.  I am going to seal all of the edges making it water proof.  Well as water proof as anything can be on a Land Rover.

So as a minimum I will be able to store a modest tool box in there and have space for a couple of small overnight bags.

Here you can see the rear bulkhead in place with the door fixed in place.

I will put some better pictures up soon, unfortunately it was getting late when I finished getting the panel in place and it was raining quite heavily too.


More photos of the rear taken in daylight.  Notice the second to last showing in detail the machined section to take the lock.  You will also notice the fact that as the panel was cut directly from the same material, the pattern on the plate is maintained.


I fitted the side panels to the rear deck today.  I have had them for a long time sitting in the garage, but the weather has just not been good enough to bother getting outside to do the job.  I had to take the panels off of the motor to bond the panels in place.  I bonded them as the panels are only a single thickness and I did not want to have any fixings hanging out the side of the motor.

I decided to cut the panels slightly short either end to give a bit of contrast. You can see them in the photos here: