Satellite Navigation

This really is a bit of an extravagance, but when someone at work was selling a system off cheap, I decided that it would be a nice to have.  The system is based on a Tomtom Bluetooth GPS receiver and the Tomtom software application running on an IPAQ 3970.  As I already had the IPAQ it meant that I effectively got a fully spec'd system for 100.

When I picked up the kit, it turned out to be more than I bargained for too.  There was actually the complete Bluetooth setup and software, including all necessary cables, the charging cradle and the suction mount for the IPAQ.  In addition to this I also got a complete wired GPS receiver too.  A Rikaline, complete with mount and all cables too.

The software seems to work pretty well, although I have had a few issues whereby the IPAQ and the Receiver seem to loose connection with each other. 

The Tomtom system is very flexible as they have produced an API that many 3rd parties have now written other applications to utilise this. I have added a POI (Points of Interest) Warner system.  With the use of the relevant POI databases you can use this as a Speed camera detector.  It does not actually detect them but warns of their location when approaching.

Here you can see the IPAQ in the cradle.  It is secured by a Suction mount on the windscreen. I have wired the power in to the cradle so that it charges the IPAQ when in the cradle and also means that the backlight remains on.


This is the Bluetooth Receiver, it is also on a cradle, that has a permanent 12V supply.  The main benefit of Bluetooth is that there is no trailing wires connecting the receiver.


The busy looking dash top.