Sump Modifications

To allow the engine oil to circulate round the supercharger and then back into the engine, the sump was modified to allow an oil return.

It actually took two attempts to get this right.  The reason being that I first tried to get a standard BSP fitting into the side of the sump.  Unfortunately because of the internal baffle plate it would not locate high enough up the side to ensure that the return was always above the oil level.  It was a close thing and I thought about running the engine with the minimum allowable oil level to compensate, but in the end I decided to redo the sump. 

I decided to get another sump so that I could make the necessary modifications prior to fitting, so that I did not run the risk of having to try and modify the original sump and something not being right and then being stuck.

Here you can see the original sump with the BSP fitting in place.



Here you can see the internal baffle plate that meant the fitting could not be located any higher.



The final sump mod can be seen here:

You can see the pipe fitting is as close to the top of the sump as possible, it is actually above the baffle plate, so that the oil return will never be obstructed.  The fitting used was a standard BSP pipe fitting but then cut to only leave the shoulder and the hose tail end.  This left a neat shoulder that was then used to locate the fitting prior to braising.  I decided to braise the fitting in place as it was the best option, providing good mechanical strength but without the risk of distorting the sump pan due to heat that would have resulted from Welding.