2004 Shows

As I have been asked by numerous people what Shows I will be attending this year, I thought I would put some details on the site.

Currently, I doubt that I will be taking the Lightweight to any of the major Land Rover shows in 2004.

As I do not belong to any clubs or associations if I attend any of the shows I simply have to park the lightweight in the car park as a visitor (I don't do camping).  Therefore anyone interested in seeing it would probably not get to see it anyway, unless they went searching all of the parking areas.

I do take the Lightweight to Classic Cars On The Prom 11 April (Easter Sunday) to 26 September 2004, Every Sunday Evening on Bournemouth Promenade from 4.00pm. Anyone with a vehicle registered before August 1983 is welcome to attend and display their vehicle for up to three hours for FREE!! I tend to take the Lightweight here when the weather is nice, so if you want to see it up close and in the flesh then it will probably be in Bournemouth on any Sunday that is nice and dry and Sunny between April and September.

CCOTP 11/04/04 Photos        CCOTP 25/04/04 Photos        CCOTP 06/06/04 Photos        CCOTP 25/07/04 Photos

CCOTP 05/09/04 Photos        CCOTP 19/09/04 Photos

04 July 2004 - KM Motoring Pageant, Hop Farm

KM Motoring Pageant Hop Farm photos 04/07/04, I did not actually take the Lightweight here but I did take some photos of some nice motors, lots of commercial, Military and Classic cars.

10-11 July 2004 - Beaulieu 4x4 Show

Attended for only the first day this year, was not impressed with the turnout or organisation.  Doubt I will bother next year.

Beaulieu 10/07/04 Photos

29-30 August 2004 - The 9th Carole Nash Breamore House Classic Motor Show

I will probably take the Lightweight to the THE 9th CAROLE NASH BREAMORE HOUSE CLASSIC MOTOR SHOW Breamore House, Nr Fordingbridge, Hants.  August 29 & 30, 2004.  I took the Lightweight last year, the show is nice because there are classics of every type there, which makes for a really good day looking around at everything from classic American motors to Vintage Rollers.

Breamore 29/08/04 Photos

30 August 2004 - Hampshire Pageant of Motoring

Don't really know much about this event as it is a new one, but it is being billed as the biggest motoring event in the south.  I will take the Lightweight along if the weather is ok.  I called the organisers and have been told that it is fine to just turn up if you have not pre-registered.  The only thing is that the late entries will not be categorised, so will all be put in an area marked additional Classics.  Not really any details on the Broadlands site either.

Broadlands 30/08/04 Photos

03 October 2004 - London to Brighton Land Rover Run 

South London and Surrey Land Rover Club - London to Brighton Land Rover Run. 

After it being off then on, then off again, then on again, it finally happened.  The weather was terrible but that couldnt dampen the spirits of nearly 300 land rover enthusiasts who made the journey.

London To Brighton Run Photos