Other Peoples Lightweights

Here you can see photos of other peoples Lightweights that they have sent me. If you would like me to add your Lightweight here, just drop me a mail with some photos and any background info.  All Lightweights and variants/hybrids will be posted.

Panicos Hadjigeorgiou's Series III Lightweight

Here you can see Panicos' Lightweight. 

Panicos is based in Nicosia, Cyprus. He is working on lots of projects on the lightweight including a dashboard wheel arch extensions and cubby box.  He liked my front grille design and decided to copy it on his as you can see from the second photo.

Bruce Bishop's Series IIA

Bruce is based in Sacramento California, Bruce's Lightweight is a 1969 Series IIA and came from Dunsfold. It's a project in progress. It still has all the stock drive train but a 3.5 V8 is in the works.  Check out the very nice custom nudge bar.



Simon Barnett's Heavily Modified Series III Hybrid

Here's Simon's a heavily modified SIII Lightweight. Its a hybrid on a chopped RR chassis.  Mark says - "It has a 4.2 V8 from an SE which is Richard Adams chipped". (Not sure if he means Mark Adams, or maybe there is another Adams out there chipping Rovers.)  Anyway its a very nice looking motor, and has been featured in LRW.



Sean Loram's Series III

Sean's lightweight has a v8 installed.  Sean took a different approach to cover the wider wheels than the usual box section wheel arch extensions.  He fitted some jeep renegade arches.  There is also a roll bar made of 3 inch tube for a bulkier look.


David Micallef's Heavily modified Lightweight

David is based in Malta and as you can see from the photos makes very good use of his Lightweights capabilities.  He has carried out numerous modifications including:

90 Coil Spring Suspension on a galvanized chassis
90 front and range rover rear diff both with disc brakes
Good year G90 Tyres
Power brake system
90 Power steering system with 4-bolt box
200TDI engine with LT77 5-speed gear box
and some other things like wheel arches, Honda Civic seats, new Nato green spray paint, 90 speed meter. chrome Boost gauge and he has also put a Boost switch to increase the Turbo's boost from a standard 0.9 bar to a much more powerful 1.7 bar.

Next things he plans to do: Simex Extreme Trekker tyres, Body lift and Rear differential Lock with reinforced shafts.

If you would like to see your Lightweight here, just drop me a photo or two and the details on the spec etc.