Supercharger Comparison

As with all things when it comes to deciding what type of supercharger you actually use, there are many things to take into consideration.  The table below gives a reasonable quick reference guide covering most characteristics.

Characteristic Centrifugal Roots Screw
Cost Excellent Good Fair
Ease Of Intercooling Excellent Fair Fair
Fast Boost Rise Good Excellent Excellent
High boost pressure Capability (>10psi) Excellent Good Excellent
Installation Convenience Good Fair Fair
Low speed boost Capability Poor Excellent Excellent
Noise Fair Fair Fair
Power Loss Through Supercharger Good Fair Fair
Simplicity of Installation Excellent Good Good
Space Requirements Good Fair Fair
Thermal Efficiency Excellent Fair Excellent
Vibration Good Good Good
Volumetric Efficiency Good Good Excellent

The main reasons for me choosing the Rotrex Centrifugal Supercharger were that of Size and ease of installation.  Also I did not want to have the typical muscle car look with the blower protruding from the bonnet which would have been necessary if mounting a Roots or Screw in the V of the engine.