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Here I will post what's happening, events attended etc.

03/11/12 Today I worked on a few more of the little niggling issues that are a result of the Lightweight having sat for so long.  I replaced the non working front sidelight bulbs with some LED replacements that I had already in my spares box.  I also fitted the new KC Driving lamp bulbs.  The original Dayligters had one broken sealed unit and neither were working.  I thought I would fit driving lamps instead of simply replacing the sealed beam units with the same long range Daylighters.  The driving lamp replacements fit in the same housings but also have replaceable bulbs.  After fitting them and trying to turn them on, I found that there was another issue as they still wouldn't come on.  A little more investigation, and I had identified the culprit as the Switch.  After a few minutes freeing it up the lights were on.  I still have to deal with the fuel gauge not working and I will put in a working stereo as the old one was disconnected some time ago.  There is also one of the lights out on the dash (the Speedo), so I will have to open up the dash to replace the LED, or sort the connection out.  The fuel sender/gauge issue will mean me having to drop the fuel tank or more likely remove the seat box.  This will take a while and will likely need to be done indoors or at least outside on a dry day.  I will probably have a go at it Thanksgiving week as I have some time off work. 
27/10/12 Watched the Indian F1 GP down the pub at lunchtime, then headed home.  After a while there was a break in the weather so I decided to take the Landy out for a drive around the local countryside.  I did 25miles in a loop between Carnation, fall city and back home.  I had the engine die on me twice while out, once when I was about to pull out on to the road from the gas station and another time as I was driving down the road and had dropped the clutch for a period of time.  On both occasions the engine started again immediately either by turning the key or as in the case when moving along simply bumping the engine back to life.  It seems there may still be a few gremlins to work out, but it doesn't seem to be the same issue as before, when the engine would die and not be able to be restarted for some considerable period of time.   Only time will tell, but I will keep an eye on things over the coming weeks.
20/10/12 I drove the Lightweight down to Carnation high street today (About 5 miles away), I am still testing the reliability out after the Lightweight has been stood for a number of years.    The drive was uneventful which was good, but it did take me a few minutes to get used to driving on the right side of the road sitting on the right side of the vehicle too.  I found myself driving over the cats eyes in the middle of the road to start with, but soon corrected after getting fed up with all of the bumps every half second or so.  Once I got to Carnation I stopped off at the shell station to get some more Gas. (Petrol) Now I am living in the US am having to refer to it as Gas otherwise people look at you like you are speaking in a foreign language.  Unfortunately it looks like the fuel gauge is not working so I am going to have to sort that out unless I want to risk running out.  I put $20 worth of Shell V-Power in the tank then decided I should head back as it looked like it was about to rain. I used to only put Shell Optimax in the Lightweight back in the UK, but it is not available here in the US.  The other issue is that the fuel is categorized differently.  In the UK the fuel has a RON (Research Octane Number) value, here in the US its a MON (Motor Octane Number) value and there does not seem to be a direct link between RON an MON so its not easy to compare one to the other. V-Power in the US is rated at 92 MON, Optimax was 98 RON (Now replaced with V-Power in the UK rated at 99 RON).  

While I was at the gas station some chap called over to me to ask what the Lightweight was as he had never seen one before.  He seemed to like it and when I told him it was a Land Rover he did say it was pretty unique.

The sky was rapidly turning dark and it looked like it was about to rain so I decided I better head back.  The windscreen wipers are in need of replacement as the rubber has deteriorated over the years, so I didn't fancy getting caught in a downpour.  It started coming down when I was about 1/4 Mile away from the house, so I made it back just in time. :-)
13/10/12 I received the replacement MSD Ignition during the week, today would be the first chance I had to fit it.  Looking at the new unit, it looked pretty much identical to the one I bought over 8 years ago.  As the weather seemed to have taken a sudden turn for the worse, I decided to leave the Landy in the garage at the house rather than move it over to the workshop.  I quickly disconnected the old unit and after a few minutes realized I didn't have enough crimp connectors to fit the new one.  So I had to make a quick trip out to the local car spares store.  Once I had all of the connectors I needed it was a very simple straightforward fit.  I reconnected the battery and turned the key to give it a try.  The engine fired up immediately (which was a relief).  There was a brief break in the rain, so I drove the Landy out of the garage and fitted the roof and rear of the cab.  I thin decided to take a quick drive up through the neighborhood, its pretty much all uphill so if I had any problem I would be able to roll back down to the house.  It was an uneventful drive with the engine running fine once it warmed up.  It was a short drive, I will wait until the weather is a little better before heading further out. 
11/10/12 So a lot has happened since I last updated the website.  Probably the biggest thing is that Marie and I relocated out to the US a couple of years ago.  We now live in a town in Washington State about 40 minutes from Seattle.  When we relocated I decided to take the Lightweight and my other vehicle I was building (1956 F100) with me, so I organized a container and both were shipped over.  2 years later I decided it was time to to get the Lightweight out of garage and get some use out of it.  I checked it over, put a battery on it and turned the key and the engine immediately fired up and ticked over perfectly.  I did a few little jobs to tidy things up and get the lights working again then it was time to get the Lightweight legal to drive.

I went along to the local Vehicle registration office and after spending about 3/4 hour there I ended up with a new Washington State license and a new temporary License plate that denotes the Lightweight as a collectors vehicle, but only after having to provide and surrender all of the original UK logbook and import//US customs paperwork.   The next day I organized insurance and it is now legal to drive!

I decided though that as I had had problems with the ignition system and I still didn't really trust it, that I would replace it.  In the end I just ended up buying another MSD unit.  I was going to replace it with an alternative but thought the easiest thing in the end was just to replace and hope that the previous one was just an unfortunate bad apple.  I intent to fit it this weekend, then the Lightweight will get its first proper drive on the wrong side of the road.
24/10/05 I haven't found a replacement ignition system yet, although I have to admit to not looking that hard.  I have been busy on the F100 instead.  We did take the Lightweight out for a drive on Sunday to blow the cobwebs off.  I took Marie over to the workshop to have a look at the truck.  Marie gave a bit of a strange look when I started it on the way home again, stating " I didn't think it was going to start".  It does make you feel that way though, since it started playing up, there's little faith in it not breaking down again.  At least I have breakdown recovery just in case. 

The evening class is coming on.  I have done a fair bit of welding now and also had a go at Lead filling.  I originally planned to do all of the body repair the traditional way, i.e. Panel beating patch panels and Lead filler.  i.e. NO PLASTIC.  However after working on my first section I can see that it will be a very long process and very expensive too.  So I will see how it goes with the first wing and then decide on the Lead side of things.  I hope that I will gain enough knowledge from the evening class to allow me to do all of the body repair on the truck that I need to.

10/10/05 I have been pretty busy lately, but not with the Lightweight.  I have started to strip down my F100.  I have got it down to the rolling chassis.  The entire body is off and I have started to do some of the body panel repair.  I started my evening class in classic car body repair a couple of weeks ago and am in the middle of repairing one of the font wings. 

Marie and I did go on the London to Brighton Land Rover Run last weekend.  It was a great success this year, the weather was excellent and well over 700 Land rovers attended.  I Took some photos and have posted them under general 2005 events. 

I have a feeling that the Ignition system is still faulty, as whilst we were on the L2B the engine died and wouldn't restart again. But after leaving it for a while it was fine.  This seemed to be what was happening when the ignition system was faulty.  As it cost me well over 150 to ship it all the way back to the US to get it repaired, I don't think I will bother again.  I will keep an eye out for alternative systems that perform the same boost retard action.

23/09/05 I received my entry confirmation details for the London to Brighton Run a few days ago.  This year it's being held on the 2nd October.  It looks like the club (South London and Surrey) have sorted out the differences that they had last year that meant the event was cancelled then back on then cancelled then back on again.  I do hope that the weather gives us a break this year though.  Last year it rained from morning to night! Which did not totally ruin the day, but it would have been a lot better being able to get out of the Lightweight and walk around without getting totally drenched.  Then have to drive back all the way soggy and with the windows open as there is no heater in the motor to demist the windows.

I took my F100 truck out for a drive last week.  I wont be doing that again for a while!  it needs amongst other things a new steering box, new kingpins, new wheel bearings etc.  It was very interesting trying to keep it in a straight line.  I am currently reviewing all the options, but it looks like I will be going down the route of fitting IFS and maybe Air Ride suspension.

29/08/05 Well the weather was superb for the Hampshire Pageant of Motoring.  We went on Sunday and Bank holiday Monday.  Guy also took his Porsche Spyder replica both days and Richard, another friend took his Spyder replica down on the Sunday.  The show was a lot larger this year with many more categories and two arenas.  One for all of the events type stuff, such as stunt riders etc. and a smaller one that was used to display and chat about the cars on display the same as at Breamore etc.  I even managed to get a couple of new headlight cup units that I needed.  The motor seems to be running fine, with the exception of the timing being a bit out.  Which means it does tend to die easily at low revs.  I have added the photos of the motor and many of the others that attended the show over the two days under general\2005 Shows.  I have also added some photos and details of David Micallef's highly modified Lightweight from Malta.  David dropped me details by email.  You can find the details under General\Other Lightweights.
25/08/05 So I got the MSD ignition back from the US, but only after being stung for duty on the shipping cost.  I fitted it back to the motor and fired it up........

It started up and sounded fine so I thought I would take it for a quick spin.  After about 1/2 mile the oil warning light came on, so I decided to head straight back.  By the time I got back on the drive, the tappets were starting to sound very noisy.  I shut everything down and checked it out.  Nothing was obvious, so I suspected the worst.  The only way I was going to find out what was wrong was by having a closer look inside.  So I set about stripping it all down. :-(

I couldn't find anything that would have made the oil pressure drop off drastically like it did.  There were no broken shells no spun bearings.  The rocker gear was slightly worn, but certainly nothing that bad.  The cam and tappets all looked fine too.  So everything was pointing to the oil pump.  As the engine has a serpentine front end, it also has the crank driven oil pump.  So this means that the whole timing cover needed to come off.  What I found was that the oil pump cover was scored slightly on one side, but more importantly, it was only on hand tight on one side.  So it looked like the oil was possibly leaking past the oil pump cover and maybe the gears had turned slightly, causing them to dig into the cover on the timing cover itself.  So I decided that the best thing would be to replace the entire front timing cover assembly.  Whilst I was at it I also replaced the Timing chain as it was definitely stretched.  It had about an inch of movement.  As the rocker gear was also showing signs of slight wear, I decided to renew that too.  

After rebuilding it all back and primed the oil pump by back filling.  I left the plugs out and spun the engine over with the battery a couple of times until the oil warning light went out.  This took about 15 seconds, but showed that I was getting good oil pressure.   After putting all the plugs back in and connecting up all the electrics I turned the key and it fired up immediately and quietened to normal after a few seconds.  It looks like that the oil pump may have been on the way out for a little while as I do recall that the oil warning light would usually not go out for a couple of seconds after starting the engine.  Now with the new one the oil warning light goes out almost instantly the engine fires.  So all is well again, except for the big hole that I now have in my wallet.

Now that I have a spare timing cover casing with oil pressure switch, I will invest the time to make an adaptor to be able to fit the oil pressure gauge sender unit in.  I have updated the Build\4.2 V8 Engine section with the details and some photos.

So I will be taking the Lightweight to the Hampshire Pageant of motoring show at the weekend.  Not sure if I will be there both days, but I will go on Sunday.

28/07/05 Wow, I can't believe I have not posted to the site for over 5 weeks.  Quite a bit has happened lately too.  Although I have been a bit distracted lately (more on that in a bit).  So what's been happening, well its not all good news.  To cut a long story short, I started to have problems starting the Lightweight when warm.  It would start from Cold on the first turn of the key, but as soon as it had run, even for a few seconds it would not fire.  After quite a bit of investigating and spending money on replacing parts such as Distributor amplifier module, rotor arm, Dissy Cap etc.  I finally came to the conclusion that the fault was most likely the MSD Ignition system.  The only way to determine this was to remove the trigger wire and directly short it with the coil to distributor lead off.  Sometimes a spark was there and sometimes not.  So I decided to pack up the unit and send it back over to the US to have it looked over.  That was a couple of weeks now.  I know that it arrived on the 19th July, so hopefully it will be back soon.

So what else has been taking up my time...well I bought another vehicle, not a Land Rover but a Ford.  It is a 1956 F100 Stepside Pick up Truck. It has just been imported from California.  I am still in the stage of trying to work out exactly what everything is at the moment.  But so far I have worked out that the axles steering and suspension appear to be all stock.  The engine is a Ford "335" V8 probably a 400 CI (That's about 6 1/2 Litres) or maybe a 351.  The transmission is a Ford C6 auto box.  I have put a new section under General "My other vehicle" with some photos.

20/06/05 I haven't done much lately, other than take the Lightweight for its MOT, which it passed with no problems.  Whilst there Chris let me know of a couple of shows that he thought I might like to take it to.  I will definitely try and get down to the Thorney Island do run by the Victory Wheelers.  It is a very popular annual event with many Rods, Customs, American, Classics and bikes.  They even have a drag strip there, so I might get the Lightweight on the 1/4 mile and see what it can do.  I have added details of the event under General\2005 Shows.
29/05/05 I took the Lightweight up to the Beale Park show up near Reading today.  The weather was good and there was a reasonable turnout.  The show is still relatively small only being in its second year, but there was a good mix and some enthusiastic people there.  I had a chat to a fair few who were interested in the Lightweight.  Unlike other shows that I have been to, many people were quite keen to get into the arena and have a chat to the compare.  There was a steady stream right up until the compare chap wanted to take a break to give his voice a rest.  There were a few interesting motors at the show and I took quite a few photos which can be found under General\2005 shows.
26/05/05 Its the Beale Park show this weekend and it looks like its going to be nice and hot.  I changed the badges on the back of the motor today, as there is now a Black and silver Land Rover Oval available so it now has a Land Rover badge.  Not only that, there is also a decent supercharged badge now available, both genuine LR parts, thanks to the new Range Rover Sport.  So I got rid of the Compressor badge that I made up on the rear for a more conservative look.  I have added a couple of pictures under build\Hinges and Fittings.
03/05 05 The weather was pretty good this bank holiday weekend, so I made the most of it and took a trip up to the Kit car Show on Sunday (without the land Rover).  It never ceases to amaze me just how many varieties of the Caterham/Westfield/Lowcost type kits there are out there.  At least half of all of the cars there were one or another of the classic open top two seater flavour.

There were a number of other motors there too, including what looked like a rather strange Hummer replica based on a Range Rover.  It looked ok from the front but seemed a bit strange with the Range rover wheelbase.

I took quite  a few pictures there they can be found under General/2005 Shows.

On Monday I decided to fit some edging strip to the rear bulkhead section that I picked up at the kit car show the day before.  It turned into a long job as I ended up having to take the whole panel out to trim it a bit more, which in turn meant that I had to take the roof, both upper rear wing sections and the Roll cage off too.  But it definitely tidies it up.

25/03/05 I finally got round to fitting the rear side panels today.  I had to take the panels off of the motor to bond the Ali in place.  I bonded them as the panels are only a single thickness and I did not want to have any fixings hanging out the side of the motor.  Unfortunately this meant that I had to take the roof off to get to the fixings.  I decided to cut the panels slightly short either end to give a bit of contrast.  You can see some photos added under Build\Rear Deck.
20/03/05 Well I decided to drive down to Bournemouth to Classic Cars on the Prom (CCOTP) today.  I jumped in the motor turned the key and got a "click".  The starter has done this a few times in the past so tried a couple more times, same thing "click".  So I decided to rock the motor forward a little just in case it but nothing worked.  I rolled it down the road a little and jumped it.  I decided to head down and hopefully it would sort itself or I would try and make sure to get it on the hill aiming in the right direction.

So we got all the way down to CCOTP to be met at the top of the hill by a lady marshal who stated that she had some good and some bad news.  The bad news was that we could not go in as they were not allowing any Custom cars or Hot Rods in.  I explained that we had been attending for the last three years and the Lightweight isn't a Hot Rod or Custom car but she obviously did not know what she was looking at.  So rather than get in to an argument and as the starter was playing up anyway, we decided to just drive home.  So thanks to no pre warning on the web site or any information about the fact that they had now changed the criteria it turned out to be a wasted drive to Bournemouth and back.  Oh, and we didn't get to find out what the good news was, if there was any.

So I would recommend that people disregard what it states on the CCOTP web site:

"Anyone with a vehicle registered AUGUST 1983 is welcome to attend and display their vehicle for up to three hours for FREE!! "

As this is obviously not the case, if you have a custom paint job, or modified engine, then you are now excluded, so don't waste your time and money, like I did.  I will also remove the free advertising I was giving CCOTP from my web site home page.

15/03/05 I have added a page under General of other Lightweights.  Its a collection of photos of other peoples Lightweights that they have sent me.  If you would like me to add some photos of your Lightweight, just send me the photos and some background information.  Just use the "contact me" link at the top of the page.

Sunday is the first CCOTP of the year down in Bournemouth.  If the weather is good I will be there. 

05/03/05 Got a flyer for the Greenwood Exhibitions shows for 2005 yesterday, which includes the Breamore Classic Car Show that I have been to the last couple of years.  Updated the general/2005 shows page with details of the shows.
04/03/05 Haven't really done much at all on the motor lately, it's been too damn cold.  We haven't had too much snow in the area just bitter cold wind and ice, so not the weather to be out in the elements.  One thing I did get round to during the week was to fit a decent stainless steel lock to the rear access panel.  I had fitted a cheap cam lock at the time i fitted the rear bulkhead panel, but had ordered a decent stainless steel lock to use permanently.  It took about 5 weeks to arrive though as it was a special order that had to be shipped from Sweden.  It is an all stainless/brass construction so will not suffer from corrosion.
30/01/05 I replaced the bulbs in the Rancho gauges today, so now all of the gauges are blue lit.  I have added a few more photos under build\dashboard.  I also finally got round to screwing down the Sat Nav cradle properly. 

Sent off my application for the Hampshire Pageant of Motoring for this year, due to a lot of interest and the success of last years event it is over two days this year: 28th-29th August.  It should be a good couple of days if the weather holds out, it was one of my favourite events of last year as there was such a variety or motors there.

On a similar note, I got a letter through from Beaulieu explaining that their 4x4 show will no longer be running.  They have stated that they will not be holding the event again in the foreseeable future.  I am not at all suprised.  Based on my last visit.

22/01/05 Yesterday I got my Dual Gauge back from SPA Design.  It now has a blue backlit display so matches the stereo and the Autometer gauges.  So I set about putting the new cups on the dash and fitting the dual gauge in a more permanent fashion.  It looks much better now and the carbon cups match the dash top perfectly, the weave is identical and the finish is exactly the same, so it looks as though they have all been produced together as a set.  I have added a few more photos under build\dashboard.
19/01/05 Whilst I was at the Autosport show I picked up a new Autometer Catalogue from the chaps on the Real Steel stand.  When I later had a look through I found that Autometer now supply Carbon fibre mounting cups for the gauges, and not just the fake carbon look plastic.  These are real carbon fibre.  They make a standard 2 1/16" (51mm) that would do to finally mount the SPA Dual gauge properly and they also make a cup to go over the rear body of the 5" monster Tach.  So I ordered one of each and they both turned up today.  I sent the SPA Dual gauge back to have the backlight upgraded a couple of days ago, so will have to wait until I get it back before I fit the Cups.
16/01/05 Today I replaced all of the Interior instrument lights with the LED's.  Now all of the Automenter Gauges are Blue Lit.  They look good in blue and the light is a lot more even and brighter than the old incandescent lamps with the coloured covers on them.  The only problem was that the Lights for the Rancho Suspension adjusters are actually soldered directly on to the leads, so I will have to do these another time when I have to take the Dash panel off again go gain access.  I took a couple of photos and have put them under Build\dashboard, they are not the best as it is quite difficult to get a steady shot showing them all in the dark, but you get a reasonable Idea.

I went to the Autosport International show at the NEC in Birmingham yesterday with my mate Guy.  Whilst there I had a good look around for any new ideas, but didn't really see much that I could do to the Lightweight.  There was a little 4x4 interest there with a very over the top 130 Crew cab,  I took some pictures and have put a page together under 2005 Shows.

Whilst at the show, I had a chat with a chap from SPA the company that makes the Dual Gauges.  I explained that I had just changed my dash lighting and I noticed that the gauges had been upgraded this year to have the blue lit display.  He explained that for 25 they would upgrade my gauge to the latest specification meaning that all the instruments will then match.

11/01/05 I have been toying with the idea of changing the interior instrument lights to a different colour.  Currently they are ordinary filament bulbs but with a red  rubber cap over them to provide a dim pink light.  However this is only in the Ultralight gauges.  The other gauges only have the standard white light.  Some weeks ago now I ordered some LED replacement instrument bulbs from  I decided to get some Blue LEDs.  I tried one in the temperature gauge to see how it looked and it's pretty good so I will replace the remainder of the bulbs in the rest of the gauges when I get round to it.  I will now be able to get all of the gauges with the same light.  The only exception will be the Boost/Fuel pressure gauge as it is a backlit LCD.
09/01/05 Fitted the rear bulkhead section today.  It is all in place and bolted down, but I still need to find a sealing strip for around the edges.  Adrian welded the hinge blocks and a a catch block for the lock yesterday.  I had a bit of a problem in that I managed to put the Aluminium angle sections at the base in the wrong place the first time.  So I had to drill the rivets back out and seal the holes then move them to the correct place.  This took a little longer than expected and I had to wait around a bit as it was raining.  I just managed to get it completed before it got dark.  I have added some pictures under build\rear deck.
07/01/05 wow, just looked back over the old entries in here, cant believe that I have been updating this for over 18 months now.  I am currently working on the rear bulkhead section and for once I am up to date with the site, I have even updated the Rear Deck section to show how its coming along.  I will hopefully get it all finished this weekend.  The rear bulkhead section is made of 4mm Aluminium Tread plate but also has an access panel in the centre of it for use as storage.  I was toying with the idea of getting some nice new stainless steel hinges to mount the panel, but this would not look as good as if there was no visible hinge.  Therefore Adrian has cut some Ali blocks so that I can use them as hinge blocks with a stainless pin in them.  In this way the panel will just have the 2mm gap all round produced when it was cut out with the plasma.  I had a go at soldering the blocks on the back of the plate, but did not have much success.  I think the reason was two fold.  1. I just did not get enough heat into the Ali plate and 2. I did not have a suitable flux to hand.  So Adrian is going to TIG Weld them on for me.
26/12/04 I fitted the new steering wheel yesterday.  It was very straight forward as the boss that I had managed to source meant that it was a simple unbolt and bolt on operation.  This has now completed the interior.  I took a few photos and have added them under build/interior.  I have also added a Sat Nav section with details of the Tomtom system.
24/12/04 Yesterday and earlier today I fixed the rear deck chequer plate in place.  Adrian at Safire made them for me the other day.  one slight hitch though,  the base section was about 40mm too long but a quick trip back to see Adrian and a quick go on the guillotine sorted it.  I fixed the plate in place using silicone sealant and stainless steel rivets.  I went through two rivet guns and my hands were aching to the point of not being able to operate the rivet gun by the time i finished.  I have added a section under build with the details and some photos.  I have also added a section for the front bulkhead.  I wrote it some time ago but it seems I neglected to link to it. 
19/12/04 The Simoni Racing hub part no. 524-806 has the correct mounting holes for the Momo wheel and has the correct spline fixings for the top of the steering column.  So it will be a simple matter of just unbolting the old one and bolting the new one on.  I will probably add a section under build with details and some pictures when I get round to it.
14/12/04 I did a bit of digging around the steering wheel hub side of things and found out there is a possibility that Simoni Racing make a hub that may be suitable.  They actually make 3 different Land Rover hubs that they list all as being for 90/Defender.  All 3 have different spline patterns. On one of the forums someone had suggested that one of the 90/Defender type might have the same spline pattern as an old series motor.  I talked to some friendly chaps down at the local Motor World in Totton and they said that they would order one of each of them so that I could see which one if any would be correct.  I had a phone call earlier today to say that they had come in.  So now I will have to get the existing wheel and hub off the motor to go and compare them.  If none are suitable, I will probably modify the hub that I have by welding the back with splines of the old one to the front section of one of the new ones.
09/12/04 Had a chat with Adrian at Safire last week about getting the Aluminium Tread plate cut and folded for the rear bed.  Adrian has got a new piece of kit in his workshop which means he is able to cut sheet to pretty much any shape very easily, its a High precision plasma profiler.  So as soon as it is in and working he should be able to get the ali cut and folded.

Adrian also told me that he had received an order for another set of the Stainless Steel hinges that he made me.  Some chap in Denmark had seen the details on my web site and had contacted Adrian to get a set made.  Shows that the website is actually working I suppose...

I bought my Christmas present from Marie at the weekend.  Its the steering wheel to go with the Gear knob that she bought me last year.  I might have to get a boss made specially to fit it though as Momo don't actually make one any more.  Although I have been told that there may be another manufacturer that makes one that may suit.  I will do a bit more digging to see what I can find out.

02/12/04 Someone at work was selling a Bluetooth GPS Sat Nav system for use with an Ipaq.  As it was cheap and I have an Ipaq, I thought I would give it a go.  It seems to work pretty well.  It came with a proper Windscreen suction mount and the docking station for the Bluetooth receiver and had all necessary wiring.  I dcided to actually wire up both to a permanent 12V supply.  Its quite neat in that both the Ipaq and receiver are completely independent and very easily removable.
01/11/04 It has been a quite time for the last few weeks, since coming back from the London To Brighton the motor hadn't moved off of the driveway until last week.  I had last week off work, a short trip to Paris with Marie, then the rest of the week to do some bits and pieces on the Motor.  I had decided some time ago to fit a new Alarm system.  It is a Thatcham CAT 1 system.  At the same time I wanted to remove the wooden section that the dashboard mounts to, as it is slowly but surely falling apart.

I ripped out the wood and replaced it with a nice piece of 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 1/8" Ali Angle.  This has 2 benefits, it is a lot more sturdy now than it was and there is now a lot more room behind the Dash.   It also helped with the fitting of the Alarm ECU unit.  The alarm was pretty straight forward to fit and it took about a day in all, in between the rain showers.

03/10/04 Me and Marie got up early to make the trip up to Crystal Palace for the London to Brighton Run.  It was a good day but for the weather and there was a pretty good turnout, with nearly 300 Land Rovers.  I have put a write up on the day and some photos under General\2004 Shows.
02/10/04 I replaced the A-Frame bushes and Ball joint.  It was a real help having the use of Maries works facilities.  They used a mobile lift to get the whole motor up in the air for me so it was quite easy to simply raise the motor high enough to get some tall stands under the back end, then lower until the weight of the axle was taken.  It was then just a matter of removing the two large bolts through the bushes and a little tap on the ball joint and out it came.  I then used the 50 ton press to get the old bushes and the ball joint out.  Then pressing the new ball joint and new polybushes in.  I bolted the whole lot back in and then took it for a test drive.  It feels as though there is a slight vibration somewhere now.  I suspect it is probably the rear Prop shaft, or it could be the wheels that need balancing. Its just a lot more noticeable now as the rear ball joint is now not slopping around.
01/10/04 I decided to finally change the suspension bushes for the Polybushes that I bought about 18 months ago.  As it turned out I only had the front axle set though, so decided to get the whole set to do all at the same time.  As I didn't really have the time I got Brooklyn 4x4 to do the work for me.  They are very close and have done a few bits in the past for me.  They seem reasonably priced and have done a good job in the past.  They did the bushes for me at very short notice, but they also found at the same time that the rear A-Frame ball joint was badly worn.  Brooklyn didn't really have time to do the Ball joint as well.  So I have decided to have a go at it myself tomorrow.  I am going over to Marie's work in the morning as they have the necessary facilities including a 30 ton press to facilitate getting the old ball joint out.
19/09/04 Took the Lightweight down to the penultimate CCOTP for 2004, Guy also took the Spyder down.  It was pretty busy as the Liberal Democrats Part Conference was on at the BIC so we all had to park right out the front of the Pier.  It was also the day of the Bath to Bournemouth Classic car Run.  Guy and I went to have a look at the cars that were on the Run, but there didn't seem to be very many and those that were there seemed to be heading off early.  I took some photos of both the cars on the Run and the usual suspects at CCOTP.  The photos can be found under General\2004 Shows.
17/09/04 It looks like the London to Brighton Run is definitely back on

People wishing to take part in the run can turn up at Crystal Palace as planned and pay their entrance fee there. Anyone wishing to camp at Crystal Palace on the Saturday night can still do so. Costs are as have already been stated and will be collected at Crystal Palace.

The event organisers will be there from Saturday 2nd October, with the run taking place on the Sunday.

So it is 20 on the day meeting at Crystal Palace, so hopefully I will make it this year.  It will be about a 200 mile round trip, so should give the Lightweight a good run.

12/09/04 Well, today according to some of the Land Rover Forums the London to Brighton Run is now supposed to be back on again.  But know one seems to have any details other than send 20 in the post.  I think I will wait and see if there is any more information before I simply put a cheque in the post.  I will probably give the contact that I had for the South London and Surrey Land Rover Club a call next week and see what they say.
11/09/04 Had to move the web site to a new server this week as the old one was short on space.  The site was down for about a day whilst I recreated the domain and uploaded everything.  But it was a fairly painless exercise. 

Received a note back from the South London and Surrey Land rover club, stating that the London to Brighton Run has been Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.  Not really sure what that means, but someone on one of the forums seemed to suggest that there has been a big falling out in the club and that the club is no more.  Oh well, I was looking forward to taking the lightweight on the run this year.

05/09/04 Took the Lightweight down to CCOTP in Bournemouth.  The weather was hot, real hot, in fact I heard on the weather report that it reached 29 Deg C.  Before I set off I took the roof off to make the journey a bit cooler.  I had heard from Guy that he was not bothering to go down as he had been sat in traffic for a long time as the M27 had been closed off due to an accident.  Guys motor being mid engined does not like getting very hot.  All traffic was being diverted off the M27 and down the M271.  After a bit of messing about I managed to find a way to miss the traffic and came out on the other side of Lyndhurst.  It was then a straight run down without any further delays.  There were not that many new motors there, it seems to be the same crowd each time I go down now.  I took some pictures of some of those cars that were there and have put them under General/2004shows.
30/08/04 Attended the First ever Hampshire Pageant of Motoring at Broadlands, Romsey.  I only heard about this event a short while ago.  I suppose that's one problem of not being a member of any clubs.  I read about it somewhere on the web or maybe it was Marie found an advert in the local rag.  Anyway I took the Lightweight and Guy took his Porsche Spyder, as we had not pre booked we parked up in a section signposted More Classics.  This was actually outside the main show but at the entrance so everyone that came in or out of the show proper saw that they were there.  As we were showing our cars we got 2 each off of the admission fee of 7.  The show was very good considering it was the first one.  It was well organised and there was a good mix of vehicles from motorbikes right up to Articulated lorries with everything in between.  The only thing that there seemed to be a distinct lack of was 4x4's, more specifically Land Rovers.  I saw a SIIa Lightweight and a 101 in the Military section and a Series Fire engine, but that was about it.  There were clubs from all other Marks from mini's to Ford Granada's to Mercedes.  It would have been nice to see some Landy clubs there, maybe next year.  I thought that the show was a great success and I will be on the mailing list for next year.  There are lots of photos under the General/2004shows section.
29/08/04 I took the Lightweight to the Breamore Classic Car show, Breamore House, near Fordingbridge.  As the weather was not that good the turnout was poor.  I reckon that there were less that half the attendees of last year.  Guy didn't bother taking his Porsche as he did not want to get wet.  I had a chat with a few people that were interested in the Lightweight and also had a chat with a couple of chaps that broad a hybrid along with a big 5.7 Chevy lump in it.  Guy was right not to come along in the open top as it rained a few times throughout the day, but only showers.  I stayed until about 3 as many other were leaving also by then.  It was a shame that there were so few people there.  I heard many people talking about going to the Broadlands show on the Monday too.  So I am not sure if there were very many at Breamore on the Monday for the concourse judging.  Hopefully they will do something in the coming years to move the dates of the two shows apart.  Otherwise I can see that the Breamore show will probably suffer from dwindling attendances, and it would be a shame to see it go.  Photos under General/2004shows.
23/08/04 Haven't really done much lately, the weather has been a very hit and miss affair and I just haven't been able to get any enthusiasm.  I found out at the weekend that there is a Motoring Pageant at Broadlands (Romsey) on the Bank holiday Monday - 30th August.  This is the same weekend as the Breamore show.  I contacted the organisers and even though pre booking has now finished you are able to turn up on the day and pay the reduced entry rate as an exhibitor.  So If the weather is good next week I may well go to Breamore on the Sunday and the Motoring Pageant on the Monday.  I have been thinking more about getting the rear deck covered in Chequer plate.  I am talking to a couple of local companies about getting them to fold up a couple of sections for me to then fit with some trimming as required.

On the web site front, I have been looking for advice on how to improve the site and have now got some ideas.  My first changes are purely cosmetic, but the main change that will take me some time to do is to convert the site to NOT use frames.  I have started to look at this but I have not quite got my head round how to make it all fit together properly and have decent navigation.

04/08/04 Received my ticket for the Breamore House Classic Motor Show today.  It is being held on the 29th & 30th August.  I also got some information through on the Bath to Bournemouth Classic and sports car run being held on 19th September.  Its open to all motors registered before 1979 and ALL Kit, replica & sports cars.  I remember being at CCOTP last year when all of the motors on the run reached Bournemouth.  It looked like a lot of fun and there was a real mix of vehicles too.  I am seriously considering taking the Lightweight this year. I just need to have a think about how much it will all cost.  It will be about a 175 mile round trip so that a fair bit of fuel, plus there will probably be an overnight stay in Bath, unless I drive the whole thing on the one day!
25/07/04 Took the Lightweight down to CCOTP in Bournemouth, Followed Guy in his Porsche 550 Spyder replica down to Bournemouth through the New forest.  The weather was generally pretty good, although it did start to rain very lightly on the way home.  There appears to be some building work going on at the back of the BIC at the moment which means that the space is a lot more limited that usual.  One of the event marshals was telling me that they have lost about 50 spaces.  This meant that some late arrivals had to park up on the opposite side of the pier up next to the IMAX cinema.  It was a good week though as there were a number of motors that I had not seen there before.  I also had a chat with a couple of different people, one of which was Andy Saunders who had his X-2000 there.  Andy has built a number of very different vehicles over the years many that have been featured in magazines and on the television.  I have added a link to Andy's web site under the Links section.  I have also added the photos that I took on the day under General/2004 shows.
12/07/04 Well I went to the Beaulieu show on Saturday.  The weather forecast was not good, but it looked bright and sunny when I got up first thing so I gave the motor a quick wash over to get all of the cobwebs off.  My mate Guy got over to Marie's by about 8.45, then we set off.

On arrival at the exhibitors entrance the chap that was there did not seem to know what he was doing.  He took all of my tickets, including the stub sections for both Saturday and Sunday in exchange for a yellow wristband for me and one for guy.  When I explained that I would be coming in again tomorrow, with someone different, he first said that I couldn't.  Then when I explained to him that it was nothing to do with him who came in with me as I had two tickets.  He then said it didn't matter and I could use the wrist bands again tomorrow.  I looked at him quizzically and he then said, I would just have to go back to the hut in the morning and get some more. (Yeah right!)  I am not sure if he just did not know what he was up to, or if there was some sort of scam going on.

Anyway in we went parked the motor up.  I have to say that all in all the whole show was a real let down.  As far as I could tell there was less there than last year.  There were not that many visitors either.  After a while we decided to go and have a look around in the museum for something to do.  When we reached the gate and showed our wristbands, the person explained that we would still have to pay another 6 each, if we wanted to look around the museum.  We decided not to bother as the exhibits have not changed the last 3 times I have been in.

Later I looked back at the documentation that I was sent through and It states,

"PLEASE CARRY YOUR ADMISSION PASS WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES" - I couldn't, it was taken from me at the gate.

"Your exhibitors pass, on presentation at the transfer point indicated on the plan, also entitles you to FREE admission to the Beaulieu complex including the National Motor Museum, Palace House and Gardens, Beaulieu Abbey & Exhibition of Monastic Life and many of the rides and Drives."

Well it didn't, I was told I had to pay. 

Needless to say I was not impressed, and when I woke up early Sunday to see it raining, it was not a hard decision to make at all.  I decided to give it a miss and stay home and watch the Grand Prix.  If this is how they are running things I doubt very much if I will bother next year.

08/07/04 Received the stainless steel wheel nuts today, so I will fit them tomorrow if I get time.  Still not sure if I will bother going to the Beaulieu 4x4 Show though, as the weather has been terrible over the last few days.  I am not sure if it will break for the weekend.  Even if it does I would expect the field that the show is on to be waterlogged with the amount of rain we have had.  I can imagine that all of the tents and awnings would be blowing away too, if the wind is as strong as it has been over the last two days.  I also found a local company yesterday that said they could polish the white edges out of the front Grill and it will be ready by tomorrow.  So hopefully I will have all the bits back on before the weekend.
04/07/04 I fitted the New stainless steel grille on Saturday, before driving down to Kent to see some friends for the weekend, there are some pictures under Build/Front Grille.  Whilst we were in Kent we also went hand had a look around the KM Motoring Pageant at Hop farm.  I didn't actually have the Lightweight there but I took some photos and I have put them under General/2004 Shows.
30/06/04 I have been thinking about getting the front grille re-made in stainless steel, as I preferred it with the polished look.  I made the original grille from a piece of 10 swg. Aluminium.  I had access to a large milling machine at the time so it was not to difficult a job machining it.  The only problem with it being aluminium is that the finish is not that hard wearing.  It suffers a lot from Stone chips.  I have had various finishes on it from plain polished Ali to Chrome plate to Painted black.  But all have suffered from the stone chips and end in the Ali oxidizing.  Anyway I was looking for a company that would laser cut the Grille from a piece of polished stainless.  What I have actually found is a company that can cut it using ultra high pressure water jets.  The benefits of cutting it with water are numerous but the most obvious is that it is a heatless process (well compared to a laser) so there is no discolouration of the material that would have to be polished out again.  I tried quite a few different designs for the grille, horizontal slots, crisscross, diagonals and various other sizes of vertical slots, but nothing seemed to look as good as my original design.  So looks like I will be getting some more stick from people saying it turns the whole motor into a Jeep.  With any luck I will get the replacement Stainless version soon.
26/06/04 The Lightweight passed its MOT last weekend with flying colours.  The only thing that it failed on last year was the front brake hoses and I replaced all 4 with braided stainless Goodridge hoses.  Marie bought me some stainless steel wheel nuts for my birthday last week.  They are being specially made to suit the alloy wheels.  They are being made by Wrington Engineering, they specialise in making them from 316 Stainless.  They will be totally corrosion resistant, rather than the plated nuts that I have currently which will have inevitably started to corrode after a while.  I should have them by the end of next week, so they should be on the motor before the Beaulieu show.
07/06/04 Haven't had much time to do anything on the motor lately.  We have been on holiday out to Turkey.  We went to a place called Fethiye, on the coast in southern Turkey.  It is a fantastic place and the people are really friendly, I would recommend it to anyone.  One of the highlights was paragliding off the top of a mountain and landing on the beach.

Took the motor down to CCOTP at the weekend.  The weather was really nice and we went down with the roof off again.  Not very many cars turned up though and it was a bit boring after a while so we left quite early.  I have added some photos of some of the cars that were there under General/2004 shows.


I received an application form for the Beaulieu 4x4 show the other day.  They must have had my details on record from last year, as I did not ask for it.  I think I will probably be going again this year, as long as the weather is ok.  Hopefully I will have something sorted with the front grille and the rear deck chequer plating by then too.

05/05/04 Updated the web site guest book to be a bit more user friendly and also added a few fields.  Been thinking more about what to do next on the motor.  I went and had a chat with Adrian at Safire about re-making the front grille out of stainless steel so I could get the same look back that I had when it was chromed.  Adrian is also thinking of getting some new equipment in that means he might be able to do the rear deck chequer plate that I am after.
02/05/04 Went down to CCOTP again this week as the sun was shining.  This time my mate Guy also took his Porsche 550 Spyder replica.  I followed him all the way there, through the forest.  Lots of people gawping at his Porsche as we drove through Lyndhurst and Bournemouth.  His Porsche is louder than the lightweight by a long way, so you tend to hear it coming first.  It must have looked like he was being followed by a support vehicle with me in the Lightweight close behind.  There were loads of new motors there this week.  Probably due to it being the beginning of the month at the start of the summer.  Probably all just got their new Road Tax for the summer.

Guys Spyder got lots of attention, it was probably one of the lowest, loudest cars there.  Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me this week, so no photos :-(.

25/04/04 Attended CCOTP.  The weather was great again so this time we decided to take the roof off for the trip.  I left the doors on though as Marie does not like driving around in it with the doors off.  We didn't take the usual leisurely trip back through the new forest as we had to pick Marie's car up on the way back from Junction 1 of the motorway.  We went to one of her work colleagues wedding reception the night before and decided to leave the car there and get a taxi.  Still it allowed me to give it a bit of right foot on the motorway.... Which surprised a few people as it usually does.

Its strange travelling on the motorway in the lightweight as you feel like you are in a Police car.  People tend to slow down as they approach and pass.  Usually just to have a good look.  I have added some more photos of the lightweight and a few other motors under General/2004 Shows.


Attended the first Classic Cars on the Prom of the year.  The weather was excellent, plenty of sunshine before getting a bit overcast later.  We got to Bournemouth early (about 20 minutes before the start) but found ourselves behind a big queue of motors waiting to get in.  Looked like most had the same idea.  When we eventually got to the front of the queue we where given our badge to go in the windscreen that showed that we were vehicle number 46 for 2004. 

Over 230 cars turned up for the first meet!  Which meant that there was not room for them all in the normal designated area.  As last year they had to open up the bottom gate and have the overflow on the other side of the pier.

There was the usual mix of vehicles, from classic English to American Muscle with everything in between, including a Meschersmit bubble car.  There where even 4 Land Rovers there!  I have added some photos to the web site under general/2004 Shows.

10/04/04 Looks like the weather will be ok for tomorrow in Bournemouth so I will be taking the Lightweight down to the first Classic cars on the Prom of the year.  I will take my new digital camera to take a few pictures to put on the website.  I spent most of yesterday cleaning the motor in and out.  It was the first time I have had the jet washer out this year.
04/04/04 Updated the web site to include details of the Shows that I will be taking the Lightweight too this year.  Also made a few updates to the Specification page.  There are now additional details regarding the engine compression ratio etc.  I have also added details of the Lightweights Power to weight ratio on the power output page.
22/03/04 Put the LRO article under the Photos/Video section, you can click on each page to read the actual text.  Had a quick look through some of the entries in the guest book.  Seem to be getting a few comments now from all over the place.
18/03/04 Saw in the March copy of evo magazine that the new TVR Typhon is to be equipped with a Rotrex Supercharger.  This will push the straight-six motor up to a mean 500bhp. It is mounted end on on the engine which gives a rather strange appearance, but gives simpler packaging and a good cool air supply.  It runs a maximum of 1 Bar @ 7000rpm.
14/03/04 Not really had a chance to do anything on the motor this last week, the weather has just not been up to it.  But then there isn't really much to do on it at the moment.  I have been trying to find someone that can make the Aluminium Chequer plate for the rear deck.  Just have to wait and see if any of the companies are interested.  I can't believe how difficult it seems to be to get someone who makes these things day in and day out for normal Series motors, to make a set for a lightweight.

Been updating the web site, added a few more pages under the General section.  I have also moved the History page from Build to General.  Took some pictures of my loom diagram and have posted this on the Loom page under Build.  So if you are interested the whole loom diagram is there, but its quite a large file.

Added a link to the Classic Cars On The Prom site, I have taken the lightweight to Classic Cars On The Prom for the last couple of years now.  The 2004 season starts 11th April (Easter Sunday) so is only a few weeks away now.  So if you want to see the Lightweight in the flesh, then there is a good chance that it will be found in Bournemouth on the Prom (if the weather is good, that is).

Found out last week that there is a fellow Land Rover enthusiast at work who saw the article and wanted to see the motor, so I have decided to drive it up to Reading tomorrow, it hasn't had a good run for a while so it will be good to clear the cobwebs off.

06/03/04 The Article in Land Rover Owner came out yesterday.  Some nice photos, although they didn't use any of the driving shots that we took so long over.  Maybe they were just not clear enough.  I was a bit surprised to read that it was a 350 BHP motor though, journalistic license I think.  I suppose having 350 BHP on the front cover is more impressive than 307. At least the article itself has the correct details.  It seems that the editorial staff changed Peters original article quite a bit from its original form.  But It was still pretty good, also good to see that they used my links page to get the contact details for the companies that I had used.
28/02/04 Applied a new theme to the web site, that gives it a bit of a cleaner look.  This meant that I had room for a new General Item on the main menu.  The general section will include anything that doesn't fit under any of the other sections.  This includes discussions and descriptions on the basics of Supercharging and some of the problems that you can encounter.  I will also add general details about the Lightweight Land Rover here.
21/02/04 Went through the website updating various pages, Too cold to do anything on the motor.  I have added a lot more links to the links page.  I have also added some of the pictures that where missing from various pages.  I have put some more information on the Supercharger under specifications.  Also added some more details to the EFI loom Build page, giving details of the wiring required to splice the EFI loom in.  I also finally managed to work out how to re-order the Build sections index frame so that it is a bit easier to find the page you are looking for.
15/02/04 Finally got round to fitting the stainless steel door hinges, all of the external hinges are now stainless.  This means I can now forget about them rather than as has been the case in the past.  Namely having to replace them every 18 months to 2 years when they are rusty again.  It wouldn't be so bad if I had the Landy garaged, but as it is permanently outside it has to brave the elements. I have updated the build/Hinges and fittings section to reflect the fact that the door hinges are now stainless.
14/02/04 Took the front grille section off to try and locate where the rust trail was coming from, ( I had noticed a trail of rusty water from somewhere but couldn't easily see where).  As it turned out it was down to the extra 1" square section welded to the front to give the additional clearance required to fit the electric fan and oil cooler.  When I took the screws out of the front of it water poured out all over the floor, it was actually full of water.  After draining it all and then drying, I drilled some additional drain holes in the bottom to prevent it filling up again and then injected some black waxoil through all the holes.
30/01/04 Picked up my new stainless steel door hinges from Adrian at Safire.  Just need to wait for the weather to get better so that I can fit them.
09/01/04 Met up with Peter (LRO Reporter) and Martin (Photographer) at about 9am ready to drive out to Stoney Cross.  Weather did not look to good as we set off and rapidly turned to torrential rain.  By the time we reached the old airfield the rain had stopped and the sun had come out.  So Martin decided that the best thing to do would be to get all of the static shots out of the way before the rain came back.  So I left them to it.  Martin and Peter were very thorough and took lots of shots.  Luckily my mate Malcolm turned up so I could sit in his nice warm Range Rover whilst Peter and Martin were busy outside.  When it came to taking some of the action shots, the idea was for Martin to sit in the back of Peters car and then for me to follow.  But as Malcolm was there and he offered the use of his Range Rover we decided to take him up on this.  It was much better suited to the task.  We went up and down the old runway quite a few times and then took a few panning shots. 

At the end of the photo shoot I took Peter for a quick spin in the Lightweight so that he could get a sense of the acceleration and all of the necessary sights sounds and smells etc.

Hopefully it will be a good feature as Peter definitely asked lots of questions and seemed keen to get all of the technical info correct.  Hopefully there will be some good pics too.  I think it should be in the April issue.  (Thanks to Malcolm for helping out with the action shots)

03/01/04 Been a quiet Christmas and New Year, haven't really done much to the motor, other than fit my new Momo gear knob that was a Present from Marie (My Partner).  Now I have Momo Seats and Gear Knob. Just have to get the steering wheel now. 

Had a call from Peter from LRO Magazine just after Christmas, they would like to do a feature on the Lightweight.  They have asked if I would be willing to take it to a circuit and do some 0-60 timings etc.  I said that I would but I wouldn't really want to thrash it to get good times as I was likely to break something.  I have heard that most cars that are on Top Gear end up going back on low loaders, with broken gearboxes and burnt out clutches.  Not to keen on the Lightweight going the same way.  We decided to not bother with the circuit but rather go for a regular shoot, looking to go out in the New forest as it is just down the road.  There is the remains of an ex-RAF airfield at Stoney Cross.  This has the old runway (converted to a road) and some of the hard standing areas still remaining so should be ok to take some photos.

09/12/03 Been struggling to think of what to ask Santa for.  So I went and saw Adrian (Safire) to see about getting some door hinges made in stainless steel to match the bonnet hinges he made me a while back.  I will drop off one of the rusty sets for him to copy during the week.
17/11/03 Took the Lightweight out for a drive in the wet to see how it handled, its amazing, it goes round corners now!  Took a friend of mine out for a spin in it who has not been in it since the engine and gearbox transplant.  Put a grin on his face when I opened it up a little..  Took a few pics of the motor to show off the new wheels, not very good ones as was only on the driveway.  But they do show the wheels and Tyres ok.  They are posted under Photos.
15/11/03 Picked up my new tyres from the parcel delivery place.  They turned up during the week while I was in Copenhagen so I asked them to keep on to them until I got back.  Took the wheels and tyres to a local tyre shop that a friend had recommended.  All fitted in a matter of minutes for 30.  Only problem was that they couldn't be balanced as the centre hole was too large for the machine.  But I have been advised to try them first and If they do need balancing, I can get it sorted out at a later date.  They seem fine so far, on the motorway up to about 75mph I did not notice any vibration.
06/11/03 Decided that the power steering will have to wait for a while, I decided that it would have to be some new wheels and tyres as a priority.  So after looking long and hard and having many phone calls with many suppliers.  I decided on some alloy wheels.  The particular model that I chose is called a Predator, It is fairly unusual in that it is an alloy wheel of 17" DIA that fits the early Range Rover Axles.  Regarding the Tyres, well after looking even longer and harder at what was out there, there is a lot more choice with the tyres, I decided to go for some Road Biased tyres.  Basically because the lightweight does not ever venture off the black stuff these days and because having over 300 BHP under the bonnet really does require some decent Road tyres to be able to use it, especially in the wet.  The Mickey T's are terrible in the wet, having to almost come to a standstill to turn sharp corners.  So the tyres I went for are Yokohama V801's.  They are 285,60,17's which mean that they are practically the same Diameter  as the Mickey T's.  They are fitted as standard equipment on the AMG ML 55 and are V speed rated (149mph).
29/10/03 Seriously looking at the possibility of fitting power steering, I have been reading up on the kit supplied by TI Console.  The kit is available in the UK through Chris perfect.  It looks like a well designed kit and hopefully should fit without and major modifications.  It uses a powered ram rather than a power steering box.
28/10/03 Drove the Landy to work today Southampton to Reading, flew there all the way up to the A33 then suddenly developed a nasty vibration when accelerating.  This then got worse on the way back again.  I haven't had a chance to look at it yet as it was dark when I got back, but I suspect that a UJ on the front prop shaft has failed.  Not sure when I am going to get around to sorting it though as I am in the middle of fitting a new kitchen at the moment and probably will be doing it all over the weekend too.
09/10/03 Went down to Brighton at the weekend to have a look around.  Quite a few motors attended, although it looked like there was room enough for about half as many again.  Not much there in the way of anything different though, I wanted to have a good look around at what wheels and Tyres where out there but I didn't really see much.
01/10/03 Received my cheque back from the South London and Surrey LRC, the London to Brighton is full.  I noticed that they updated their site to say it was now full the same day that they sent me the application, so not sure why they bothered.  Anyway I might go down to have a look around, but I wont bother taking the Lightweight as it is a pain finding anywhere to park in Brighton for a motor that is over 6'6".
28/09/03 Decided it was time to do an oil and filter change.  I also thought that it would be a good idea as all of the oil was coming out to try and find out where the oil was coming from that seems to have been seeping out from somewhere.  The telltale signs were there on the driveway.  But up until now I have never managed to locate the source as it was over most of the sump.  Anyway I had a tube of the sump gasket sealer (looks like Black Silicone) that is supposed to be used.  So I took the sump off, cleaned the surfaces and re-fitted it.  One thing that I was pleasantly surprised at was the cleanliness of the oil and engine inside.  No black sludge here.  The oil was almost translucent still and there where no foreign bodies in it anywhere.  The rocker gear is still nice and shiny silver.  I replaced the sump changed the oil filter and refilled with some fresh Castrol GTX Magnatec 10W-40. This is a semi-synthetic oil, (Rotrex specify that only Mineral or semi-synthetic oils are used with the supercharger).  Only time will tell now if I have managed to stop the leak. Fingers Crossed!
26/09/03 Posted off Application for the London to Brighton run.  Only received the form day before even though I requested it over 4 weeks before.  They must have a lot of entrants.  Just have to wait and see if it gets sorted before the day?
21/09/03 Attended the last Classic Cars On The Prom of the year.  Not very good weather this week but again lots of people attended.  It was also the day of the Bath to Bournemouth Rally so some of the vehicles that where on the rally came into CCOTP after, so there were a few different motors that I had not seen before.
20/09/03 Carpeted the lower door panels, and finished off the cubby box by tidying up the top shelf by blackening it all out and put some rubber matting down in it to provide a neat finish.  I also finally got around to finishing off the ends to the dashboard.  In the end I decide to take the easy route and actually carpeted them.  Its not what I intended but looks ok as it now matches the rest of the interior.
14/09/03 Attended Classic Cars On The Prom in Bournemouth, West Cliff Promenade (on slope at rear of Bournemouth International Centre).  Anyone with a pre August 1983 vehicle is welcome to take part.  This was the fourth time this year that I have been.  (I went a few times last year too.)  The weather was excellent, bright sunshine and clear blue skies.  This made for a very popular evening.  I have never seen so many cars turn up.  There were too many for the space and they ended up opening the lower barrier to allow the extra vehicles to park near the pedestrian area next to the pier.
14/09/03 Spent the morning fabricating a shelf in the top of the cubby box.  This now provides somewhere to keep a few CD's and other bits.  It also provides the enclosure that is required so that the speakers work correctly.  The sound is now fine with the lid open or closed.  The base unit is all sealed up using a no nails type compound.
07/09/03 The cubby box looks ok, but I need to put an internal shelf in place and seal the enclosure to help the speakers function.  It will also provide a neat area to store things and stop the base from disappearing when I lift the lid.
31/08/03 Re-made Cubby box for the third time to make it easier to cover and to help reposition the speakers to get them up from the base.  I managed to get the box into a shape that was a lot easier to wrap the carpet over.  It now has carpet on all sides and the top is covered in Vinyl.  The 6 x 9 speakers are also fitted and there are are two small tweeters now on each corner of the dash.  The stereo is also now in place driving them.
30/08/03 Re-made the cubby box again after looking at the size of standard speakers available.  It was about 1/2" too short to take a standard 6x9 speaker.  Also still undecided about the covering.  It does not look like it will be easy to cover in carpet due to its shape.
28/08/03 Over the last couple of evenings I have made the cubby box out of ply.  Just need to decide on what to cover it with and how...
25/08/03 Started to work on a cubby box, I have made a mock up in cardboard and have also measured up and cut some ply ready for assembly and covering in carpet and vinyl.
24/08/03 Completed carpeting on the front bulkhead
24/08/03 Attended the Classic Car show, Breamore House, Breamore Near Fordingbridge.  Quite a good show, first time I have ever been, not a show specific to any type of vehicles, there was everything there from mini's to Ferrari's, plus a few (well 3) Land Rovers.
23/08/03 New clutch Fitted, AP Racing clutch fitted, as used in Lamborghini V12. (Full Details under Build)
10/08/03 Made blanking section to enclose the rear truck cab.  This is an aluminium section bolted to the underside of the truck cab rear.  But for the gaps around the doors it would make the interior effectively air tight and also makes for a slightly quieter drive at speed.
09/08/03 Made transmission tunnel and carpeted.  Made some floor mats from rubber/cork anti-slip mat bought from local boat yard.  It is Grey and goes quite well with the carpet.
03/08/03 Completed fitting seats and carpets, added anodised aluminium angle sections on side of seatbox.
02/08/03 Fitted new Larger oil cooler in front of radiator for oil supply to Supercharger.  Carpeted the rear bulkhead, seatbox and fitted new seats.
26/07/03 Drove up to Demon Tweaks in Wrexham to get some new seats, they tend to be more expensive than most but they do have lots of stock and I just wanted to get the seats sorted.  I ended up getting some Momo fixed back RS GT's
12-13/07/03 Attended the Beaulieu 4x4 Show, Fairly small show with not a great deal of interest there, but I took a few pictures of the motor there.

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