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Shots from the Article in the April 04 edition of LRO

The actual LRO article: (Click on each page to expand, to be able to read).



The following are some shots used in the LRM feature (thanks to Jenny Morgan).

Here are some photos that I have taken.

Some Photos showing the new wheels and Road going Tyres.


Click on any of the links to play the video files, please note that if you are on a slow connection, this may take some time.

From Inside the Lightweight (Size 1.5MB) The sound of the engine from inside the Lightweight.  Unfortunately not a very good clip as I was having to hold the camera and start the motor.  I will post better clips when I get round to taking them.

From outside (Size 725KB) The sound the engine and the exhaust make, short clip of the lightweight on the drive, from the front and then the back.

From Inside whilst driving (Size 650KB) Couldn't really give it full throttle as it was a bit wet out, plus Marie was in the motor holding the camera (She tends to start shouting at me if the shift light gets to come on).  So probably only revved to about 4000-4500 RPM.  It reaches MAX power at about 5350 and the limiter is set for 6000.

A drive by (Size 650KB) A short clip of the lightweight driving past.  Apologies for the background noise, the only National speed limit road nearby was right over the top of the motorway as you will see.

I will post some better clips when I can get them, if you want to see something specific on Video let me know and I will do my best.