Custom made from scratch, I based my original design on a Transit van.  Why? because I had a Transit Haynes manual to hand and wanted to keep it simple.  As most transits of the era were very basic it suited my purpose.

The 4.2 engine being a later addition to the project I did not design the loom originally with an EFI engine in mind.  So when it came to putting the EFI lump in I decided that the best and easiest course of action was to use the original EFI loom and splice it in.


Standard headlight units fitted with halogen bulbs.

Honda Accord front indicator/sidelight units

KC Daylighter spotlights

Rear LED array Indicator light units

Rear LED array Brake/Tail Light units

Rear mounted classic fog light providing rear illumination

Ignition System:

MSD 6 BTM Electronic Ignition system - Boost timing master. The MSD is a high power electronic Multiple spark ignition system with the addition of and in built smooth touch rev limiter and the main reason for using it, a Boost triggered timing retard circuit.

The MSD is triggered by the standard distributor and amplifier module.

There is also a stepdown transformer to provide the ECU with the necessary trigger from the timing circuit, as the MSD works at a much higher voltage than the standard ignition.


Standard Lucas 14 CUX Hotwire ECU with the standard chip replaced with a Mark Adams custom blown Tornado chip.