Still To Come

Bits that I am either still considering or that I will do when I get around to it.


The addition of an intercooler will greatly benefit the running of the engine,  whilst I haven't been able to measure it accurately the intake temperature is definitely running quite high.  (Too hot to hold anyway, that's the extent of measurement!).  The only problem as with most of the components under and around the engine bay is the lack of space.  What I am intending on doing is removing the KC Daylighters from in front of the front grill and mounting the intercooler there.  So it will be between the front bumper and grille panel. 

There is plenty of room for a decent sized intercooler here, the problem will be plumbing it in to the air circuit.  There is very limited space to run the 2" tubing to it and back from it to the plenum.  I will probably make a completely new section for this purpose so that if i run into any problems I will have the original setup to go back to.

Up rated Axles

At some stage I would like to up rate the axles to include toughened diff/ shafts etc as I think it is only a matter of time before something goes.  At the same time I would like to up rate the brakes to some high performance vented and cross drilled variety.

Power Steering

If I can work out a way of getting power steering without having to replace the chassis, then this would be nice.  The problem being the cross member in the way at the moment.  There is an alternative method, that being to use a powered Ram in place of the steering damper.  I haven't really looked into this in any detail yet, but it might be the way to go.